Live Love Africa is proud to bring Mauritius an array of fabulous and unique homewares, jewellery, art and fabricsWe exclusively import stylish South African brands such as BlocArt, Bokke & Blomme, Miss Molly's Collection and art by Megan Dyamomd as well as art by the bold and fabulous Colour Their Day in the UK. Our brands are owned by and employ local people, embracing local design and supporting local communities with training and employment.

Stunning and bold recycled wooden wall art, handmade by the brilliant Cape Town artist Kenau Botha. Keanu, previously a model maker in the movie industry, recycles wood cuts salvaged from local furniture makers to fashion pieces perfect for whimsical home decoration and gifts. Kenau consistently comes up with new designs and is happy to take commissions.

Bokke & Blomme create beautifully rendered text wooden carvings in a variety of fonts and an array of colours. Their vibrant flower bouquets bring life to the corner of your desk or the centre of your dining table, and whether your motto is 'Life begins after coffee', 'Tou Korek' or 'Can Lah', the talented Janet Ormond's stunning words and accessories are sure to capture your mood. 

Miss Mollly's Collection is a cool combination of colour, vibrancy and humility. Inspired by the strength of the African women and girls who taught Miss Molly how to be a survivor - and how to bead.  A deep rooted part of the Xhosa culture, beads were not simply objects but a means of bringing people together. Miss Molly's vibrant colours bring an energy and joy that celebrates staggering sunsets and the many magnificent facets that make Africa so unique.

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